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Hello, in this post I am going to tell you about the best experiences and places to go in Ica.

For many visitors Ica is a great place to relax and have great adventures. In this city of warm and dry climate we can find different types of activities such as walking in one of the most beautiful oasis, spend a great day at the beach or even try delicious foods and typical drinks of the region.

Ica can have different attractions according to the type of person you are; however, here we present the places that are most visited and which you should add to your agenda.

Let’s start!



This is the most visited place in Ica and you should also visit it anyway. It is the only oasis in South America; it is also very close to the center of Ica and just 15 minutes from Ica Adventures.

– What to do in Huacachina?

When you are in Huacachina, if adventure and adrenaline are your thing, you should try tubulars or buggies and ATVs (Quads). In these you can enjoy the dunes and the speed of running in the desert.

Another thing that you should not forget doing is practicing sandboarding (a sport in which you slide through the dunes on a board), which is a very fun experience that will get you out of your boring routine.

On the other hand, you can also find souvenir shops, restaurants and at night parties, discos and pubs.

An interesting fact is that the waters of the Huacachina lagoon were famous for their healing properties as well as the mud from the bottom of the lagoon. There are also different legends about a woman (mermaid) that inhabited the waters of this lagoon.

2. – Reserve of Paracas


This reserve was established in 1975 and has objectives that ensure the protection of the species that inhabit this area as well as the archaeological remains.

It is located in the district of Paracas in the province of Pisco and the district of Salas in the province of Ica. This reserve covers an area of ​​335,000 hectares and is approximately 72 km (1 hour) from the city of Ica.

Here we can find different types of birds, fish and marine mammals like the sea lion.

– What to do in Paracas?

In the reserve of Paracas we can enjoy different activities such as boating on the Ballestas Islands, enjoy the best seafood with fresh fish and seafood.You can also take advantage to see and enjoy beautiful beaches such as “La Mina” or “Yumaque”.

On the other hand, there is the interpretation center where you can be explained about the flora and fauna of the reserve.An interesting fact is that domestic animals disturb wildlife, so we ask you to help us protect this ecosystem by avoiding taking your pets to the reserve.

3.-Tacama Winery


The Tacama Winery is the first winery in Peru and the oldest in South America. Created in 1540 and with an area of ​​more than 250 hectares and one of the best climates to produce wines of very good quality.

Tacama also exports its products to different places in the world such as France, Spain, Italy, the United States, as well as in different restaurants.

– What to do in Tacama? 

This winery, in addition to producing very good Piscos and Wines, offers typical dishes of the region in its own restaurant.

On the other hand, in certain occasions they present shows of typical dances like marinera and passing horse.

Finally, you can try their piscos and wines during a special tour.

4.-Nazca Lines


The lines or figures of Nazca are figures traced on the ground by the Nazca culture that were located in this territory, nowadays it is located between the towns of Palpa and Nazca.

There are 300 lines in this area, where we can find from figures with animal shapes to simpler lines.In addition this place has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1994.

– What to do in Nazca?

In Nazca, the great part of the visitors, makes the flight in plane to observe the Lines and figures in the pampas. However, you can also enjoy delicious dishes such as shrimp chupe and on the other hand there are certain tours to learn about the history and archeology of Nazca.

An interesting fact about the Nazca lines is about the explanation of their existence. The most acceptable of these explanations tell us that the lines have ritual and astronomical proposes for the ancient Nazca civilization.

5. – Gastronomic experience in Ica


The gastronomy of this region is the result of the combination of Creole food and African food, where the vast majority of dishes contain vegetable stews and dressings, although they also have a great diversity in marine dishes.

Among the main dishes we have: Carapulcra (pork with stew and potatoes), Dry soup (consisting of noodles and pieces of chicken or meat), picante de pallares verdes (green Lima beans stew with rice), salad of pallares, and salad of chickpeas.

It also offers a wide variety of drinks such as: pisco sour, passion fruit sour, pisco creams, wines, cachina (a drink from the region, also made with grapes).

Where can I find these dishes and drinks?

1. Olla de Juanita

2. Tambo de Tacama

3. El cordón y la rosa

4. El Pallar

5. Ica Adventures restaurant

You can also find in different establishments and prepared by the people of the place, you can eat in different places, but always keep in mind the hygiene to not have troubles in your trip.

An interesting fact about the cuisine of Ica is that it has different desserts for lovers of the sweet, such as tejas, chocotejas, mazamorra de uvas (sweet with grapes) and many more.

From now we will be writing information articles so that you can spend a great experience in Ica, so follow our blog and find out what is most useful for your trip to Ica.

Good trip and greetings.



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