Best experiences and places to go in Ica

Hello, in this post I am going to tell you about the best experiences and places to go in Ica. For many visitors Ica is a great place to relax and have great adventures. In this city of warm and dry climate we can find different types of activities such as walking in one of [...]
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The Oldest Distillery in Peru

On our second day of visiting Ica in Peru and the different bodegas in the area, we had prearranged an appointment at the distillery for Pisco Portón. Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Johnny Schuler, master distiller and spokesman for Pisco Portón when he was visiting Houston. We had such an enjoyable […]

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Nazca Lines – Peru’s Mysterious Geoglyphs

Coming up on the right, whale,” one of the pilots announces over the speaker as we approach the first geoglyph on our Nazca Lines flight. Palms sweating with excitement, I stare intently out the window, camera in hand and ready to shoot as soon as I spot the whale. The pilot banks the plane, angling […]

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