• Dune Buggy Rentals Huacachina

Dune Buggy Rentals Huacachina

Only at Ica adventures you have the opportunity of renting and driving your own quad or dune buggy accompanied by a guide to enjoy the sand dunes of huacachina the guide will take you to the highest and most action packed sand dunes in all of Ica. These vehicles are high quality Polaris machines with great suspension that insures your safety.

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About this tour

Once in your dune buggy your guide will take you amazing dunes. Do not fret, this tour is safe for all difficulty levels from beginners to pros.

All tourist will be given the option of standing on the smaller dunes. For those who aren’t as comfortable will be able to go down laying flat of your stomach. All tourist, regardless of their difficulty lever will ride stomach down on the higher dunes. This is done for security reasons (No one wants to visit the hospital on vacation


  • Regular sandboards
  • Tranfer in/out from your hotel in Ica.
  • Taxes
  • English tour guide

* OPTIONAL: For the professional adventurer you have the option of renting either a snow board or skis that are obviously equipped for sand. The price for both is $15 for the length of your tour.



Not Incluides:

  • Meals
  • Extras
  • Googles



  • Sun block
  • Bring your own sunglasses
  • Bring your jackets (Winter season)



Driving is offered for people ages 16 and over.
Nobody goes on the dunes without a guide the guide will go on another quad or buggy and you must follow him, driving on the dunes is not easy that’s why we send a guide with you, we like safety and we like you to have the most amazing tour you can have making it unforgettable.


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